Saffron Walden Society of Change Ringers

Braughing, Hertfordshire, St Mary

Wednesday Aug 1886 in 3 hours 5 minutes

5024 Kent Treble Bob Major

Frederick Pitstow 1 George Martin 5
Ernest Pitstow 2 George Taylor 6
Saml Slater 3 J F Penning 7
Charles Freeman 4 N J Pitstow (C) 8
PB-ID: 293-381
The following was printed with the peal in Bell News:


On Wednesday, August 18th, being the occasion of two or three gentlemen visiting Herts., a meeting of ringers took place at Braughing, and some splendid ringing was gone through. The first to reach Braughing was the Saffron Walden company, who arrived about 9 a.m. after a drive of sixteen miles. After partaking of breakfast, they ascended the tower and rung a well-struck touch of Stedman Triples, 504 changes, the band standing as follows : F. Pitstow (conductor), 1; J. Penning, 2; G. Martin, 3; C. Freeman, 4; N. J. Pitstow, 5; E. Pitstow, 6; C. Taylor, 7; S. Slater, 8. This was followed by another touch of Stedman Triples, in which Mr. G. Rochester, of Sawbridgeworth, took the 2nd in the place of Mr. Penning, also a touch of Double Norwich Court Bob Major by the first-named hand. At this time it was known that the squire of Benington, with his band, in company with the Rev. F. E. Robinson (of Drayton, Oxon), the Rev. F. J Helmore (of Canterbury) and J. R. Haworth (of London) had arrived, and were ready to ascend the tower, which they did, and taking the ropes in hand, rang a 504 of Stedman Triples. S. Page (conductor), 1; John Kitchener, 2; L. Procter, Esq., 3; Rev F. J. Helmore, 4; J. R. Haworth, 5; L. Chapman, 6; C. Shambrook, 7; J. Warner, 8. This was followed by a touch of Double Norwich Court Bob by the Benington people, after which the following band rang two courses (448) of Superlative Surprise Major : S. Slater, 1; J. Kitchener, 2;John Kitchener, 3: L. Chapman, 4; S. Page, 5; N. J. Pitstow, 6; C. Shambrook, 7: Rev. F. E.Robinson (couductor), 8. Also two courses of Stedman Triples, conducted by the Rev. F. E. Robinson. The latter was S. Slater's first attempt at ringing Stedman with bobs being introduced. Afterwards a course of Kent Treble Bob Major; the Rev. F. J. Helmore ringing the fourth and the others standing as before. At this stage the worthy squire of Benington gave the signal for dinner, which took place at the " Old Bell " Hotel, and was served -up in capital style by the host and hostess. After doing ample justice to the good things provided, and grace being said, the Rev. F. E. Robinson (chairman) informed them that the break was ready to convey them to the neighbouring village of Aspenden, to ring upon the peal of eight at that church. The Saffron Walden company again ascended Braughing steeple and rang, to the great delight of the inhabitants, a true and complete peal of Kent Treble Bob Major, 5024 changes, in 3 hours and 5 minutes, the record of which will be found in another column. This being over, and the Benington company having returned from Aspenden, they again repaired to the " Old Bell " and after a friendly chat together and a hearty shake of the hands all round, and bidding each other good night, all journeyed homewards, well pleased with the day's outing.

This peal has lately been rehung by Mr. John Gray, of Little Mundon, Herts. The ring was augmented to eight by two trebles being added in 1745, cast by Robert Catlin, one of the College Youths of that day, and it has been thought that the College Youths rang the first peal upon the bells, as it is known that they rang peals here at a very early date.

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