Peal Associated with the Saffron Walden Society of Change Ringers

Saffron Walden, Essex, St Mary

Tuesday Apr 10 1939 in 3 hours 58 minutes

5280 Cambridge Surprise Maximus

A E Pitstow 1 L E Pitstow 7
G F Sedgley 2 W G Brown 8
G R Pye 3 F W Housden 9
H E Smith 4 F W Ward 10
G A Flemming 5 W Ayre 11
H N Pitstow 6 G P Duffield 12
PB-ID: 4C7-461
The first peal of Maximus on the bells.

From Ringing World Apr 14th. The first peal of Maximus at Saffron Walden was rung on Monday. It is 25 years since the bells were made into a ring of twelve. It was a source of regret that Mr Fred Dench was unable to take part in the peal. He is only just recovering from a serious illness, which has laid him aside for the past two months. He was out on Sunday for the first time.

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