Peal Associated with the Saffron Walden Society of Change Ringers

Royston, Hertfordshire, St John the Baptist

Thursday Jul 22 1937 in 3 hours 12 minutes

5088 London Surprise Major

Violet Shorter 1 Berry Wayman 5
Kitty Willers 2 Ernest G Hibbins 6
Alfred E Pitstow 3 Frederick Dench 7
Francis G Gleavers 4 Leonard E Pitstow 8
PB-ID: 4C3-507
First peal of London Surprise on the bells.

From Ringing World, Jul 30, 1937: Mr. Fred Dench, of Saffron Walden, who began his ringing career with the Crawley, Sussex, band in the days when Mr. James Parker was the leading in that tower, conducted a peal of London Surprise at Royston, Herts, on July 22nd. It is 42 years since he rang his first peal in the method, at a time when London Surprise was a limit which very few ringers had reached.

When Mr. Dench rang his first peal of London, fewer than 30 peals had been rung in the method, and, of those who had conducted them, only Messrs. Joseph Griffin, George Williams, John Evans and James Parker are among us to-day.

[For more information on Kitty Willers see the Trumpington bell ringer's website.]

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