Peal Associated with the Saffron Walden Society of Change Ringers

Saffron Walden, Essex, St Mary

Tuesday Mar 27 1933 in 3 hours 28 minutes

5003 Grandsire Caters

R Ridgewell 1 L Pitstow 6
H Sketchley 2 F Ridgewell 7
E Hibbins [Cambridge] 3 A Simmonds 8
G Sparrow 4 F Dench (C) 9
J Dennis [Cambridge] 5 W Parish 10
PB-ID: 4C7-3EA
First peal on ten bells - 3,4. First peal of Grandsire Caters on the bells. It was the 41st anniversary of the conductor's first peal. [The minute book gives the composition - with a note stating that the composition has since proved false].

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