Peal Associated with the Saffron Walden Society of Change Ringers

Radwinter, Essex, St Mary

Monday Jan 2 1897 in 3 hours 5minutes

5024 Kent Treble Bob Major

F J Pitstow 1 Ernest A Pitstow 5
Richard Sworder 2 John F Penning 6
Frederick Sworder 3 Alfred E Pitstow 7
Arthur James 4 Frederick Pitstow (C) 8
First peal of Stedman - 1. First peal - 2.

THE PEAL AT RADWINTER.—On Saturday, January 2nd, the brothers Sworder, formerly of Hallingbury, paid a visit to Saffron Walden, having lately returned from a nine years' stay at Johannesburg, Africa. On meeting Messrs. Pitstow and Penning, they expressed a desire for a peal, and sundry arrangements were debated for a future time, when the latter said, "Why not today ? let's go to Radwinter." This suggestion was at once acted upon, and sufficient willing bands obtained, and a brake chartered. On arrival, the worthy Rector, the Rev. F. W. Bullock, readily consented, and the band were successful in ringing a peal of Kent Treble Bob, this being Mr. Richard Sworder's first peal. Fortunately, the brake was provided with lamps, or our homeward journey might have been tragical, as they showed up a man lying fast asleep in the middle of the road. The brothers Sworder expressed their great pleasure with the expedition, having been anxious for a peal before their early return to Mr. Kruger.

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