Extract from:

"An Account of The Festival held on Saffron Walden Common June the 28th, 1838 the Day of Coronation of Queen Victoria"

At 12, Half-after, the Assistants, Tapsters, Band and Ringers will dine.

[The main Dinner, at which 3760 people sat down at 75 Tables, was not until 2 o'clock so it would appear the Ringers had their meal first, then departed to ring the Church Bells during the Festivity.]

Page 21 following the list of Musicians: 
  Mr. John Richardson
  Jonathan Bennett
  John Wright
  Samuel Francis
  Richard Miller (Ashdon)
  Frederic Ruse (Ashdon)
  William Spicer (Audley End)
  William Rumbold [sic Rumble]
  James Bacon
  John Freeston
[ref. ringers' archive Misc. 40]

Extract from:

Richard Miller's account book 1829-40


At the Coronation of Queen Victoria June 28th 1838 a Public Dinner was given to all the Inhabitants of Walden, on the Common; and the Committee of management agreed that they would give the Ringers three Guineas if they would dine themselves at their expense, or that they would give them two Guineas and dine them on the common free of expense - The Ringers accepted the two Guineas and dined on the common free of expense.

[ref. ringers' archive Acc. 3]