Extract from:

"A Brief Account of Festival of Saffron Walden" by William Robinson 1814, Surveyor of Saffron Walden

A Brief Account of The Festival at Saffron Walden July 6th, 1814 "to enable the poor to partake
of the general joy of their country and of Europe upon the glorious occasion of the return of Peace".
Page xv following the list of Musicians: 


	John Richardson
	Richard Miller
	James Rider
	Thomas Rannow
	William Rumbold [sic Rumble]
	John Bell
	William Spicer
	James Abbott
	Samuel Francis
	James Bennett, Sen.
	James Bennett, Jun.
	Jonathan Bennett
	David Smart
	Allen Hopwood
	William Webb
	William Bacon.

[ref. ringers' archive Misc. 40]