Edward Taylor (d. ?1922, aged ?81)

Edward Taylor (Click on the picture for larger version)

Edward Taylor figures large in the Ringing Chamber - a huge photograph (above) looks down on all proceedings - but Edward Taylor never rang a bell!

No meetings are recorded between June 1894 and December 1895 when Mr. Edward Taylor makes his first appearance in the minutes and presides "by request" at the meeting. At that meeting we find that the minutes are in his handwriting, a decision to revise the Rules and another decision to appoint Mr. Taylor "Master until the half-yearly meeting in January". And at the January meeting Mr. Taylor is unanimously re-elected Master of the Society.

The minutes give no background to all of this and one has to conjecture that perhaps there was some difficulty with the church authorities and that Edward was brought in to bridge the gap - he clearly was someone of local standing, being a Councillor from 1890-1905 and having been Mayor in 1893 and 1894. As Stacey points out, Edward was no 'figurehead' but an obviously keen non-ringing member, for he was seldom absent from meetings. He also joined the Society on ringing outings.

We have no record of Edward's resignation of Master but it must have been sometime between 1905-10 (making him Master for up to 15 years) when we have a gap in the minutes. The Society sent him a congratulatory telegram on his 70th birthday on 11th November, 1911.

In 1922 an enlargement of a photograph of Edward Taylor was procured and hung in the Belfry (where it remains today) - it is assumed that he died around this time.

Edward's son Leonard became a ringer and was elected a Society member in 1898.

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