Charles Freeman (d. 1932, aged 87)

Younger brother of Jonathan and a member of the Company from 1872. Charles was at the first meeting of the re-formed Society in November 1881 and was the first keeper of the Fines Book.

Charles died on April 30th 1932 at the age of 84. He lived at 16 Gold Street.


From Ringing World July 1st 1932:


The oldest member of the Saffron Walden Society, Mr. Charles Freeman, recently passed away at the age of 87 years. He joined the Sunday Chiming Branch about 1868 and the Ringing Branch about 1873.

'Charley' Freeman, as he was familiarly known to his brother ringers, had not rung a great number of peals owing to his occupation preventing him having the time to do so. He was, however, for years, until his age prevented him, a regular attendant for Sunday-ringing, and was one of the eight members who brought this ancient society to the forefront in Surprise ringing in 1890 and succeeding years.

He took part in ringing the first peal of Superlative and London Surprise Major in the county of Essex and the first peal of Cambridge Surprise Major in the Eastern Counties and the county of Cambridgeshire.

He was laid to rest at Saffron Walden, and in the evening, after the funeral, the society rang with the bells muffled 1,334 of Grandsire Triples as a mark of the respect in which he was held by his brother-ringers : R. Ridgewell 1, H. Sketchley 2, E. A. Pitstow 3, J. Ward 4, A. E. Pitstow 5, F. Dench 6, A. L. Simmonds 7, W. Parish 8.

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